VLC ChromeCast – Stream From VLC to Your ChromeCast

VLC chrome cast  : This is the VLC players and is probably considered to be the best and free way to watch media files and even the DVDs on the computer or even the android phone.

This is however used as default players which are also used as default players and is already known to currently doesn’t support the chrome cast on PC or Android phone.

This is VLC chrome cast to play a better source to watch the media and does have it cast over the TV through the chromecast. This is just going to take a bit of fiddling at the beginning.

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How to Stream From VLC to Your ChromeCast

The VLC chrome cast priority

This is the VLC chrome cast that has introduced some of the slightest design which has now added some of the new features.

The best one is through the ability to cast local content directly from the android or windows devices.

Let’s look into the format with the step by step way to look into the casting process from android or windows to a chrome cast using VLC:-

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck

  • Download the VLC 3.0.
  • Casting the local content from Android.
  • Casting the local content from windows.

if you want to get stream from VLC to your Chromecast you have to follow given process.

Step 1 : First Turn On your chromecast

Step 2 : have to open “VLC Player” and Go to Video Option Above Navigation Bar.

Stream From VLC to Chromecast

Step 3 : its getting scanning near by devices

Step 4 : Have to Go – > Video – > Render – > Chromecast Device

VLC to Chromecast

Step 5 : You will get connect to chromecast and already connected.

Step 6 : Now You can drag and drop your videos in VLC

Step 7 : There Show Certificate and Accept the Certificate

VLC Chromecast

VLC TO CHormecast


Downloading the VLC chrome cast approach

With a descriptive approach, if we see all through, then

For downloading the VLC 3.0, on the android head to play store and even update the latest version of the VLC.

But if you don’t see the updates, then you can enrol in the beta and get the update in the same way.

For that, please check the update by going to help and next check for updates within the application itself.

If you find any difficulty in that then you can manually download the VLC 3.0 for window here.

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Secondly, you can try for casting the local content from android with version 3.0 of VLC installed.

You can now cast the local content found on your Android device. After than you can open the application, tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner to open the overflow menu and from there you can easily choose a directory where your content which might be stored or just open the list of all the videos and audio files that are present on your devices. At last, you can upload the videos and manage to handle the VCL chrome cast.

Casting the local content from a window

For this, one needs to update with the version 3.0 of VLC and will have a lightly refreshed user interface. This must check out the ability to cast the local content to chrome cast enabled devices.

This is actually being launched by Google in 2013 and then finally the VLC rolled out with support for Google streaming platform.

The latest play store beta release includes experimental chrome cast streaming and even it does work.

It’s the VLC flirtation with the chromecast that actually started last year with the chrome cast enabled the streaming app.

You can tap on the cast button at the top of the screen and select the device and then play your media. This is going to support both video and audio targets.


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