Trinus VR Apk 2.1.8 Download For Android/PC/Mac

Play PC games on android using Trinus VR apk : Many a times you have wished to play your PC games on android. Be it high end graphics first person shooter or race or arcade games, pc games have always fascinated us. Now there is actually an app which lets us play PC games through your android phone in a VR headset. The Trinus apk will do it all for you.

How to download Trinus VR APK 2.1.8

It is recommended to download the Trinus VR apk file into your phone. Their official site provides the apk file for free and beware of downloading from unknown sources.

Trinus VR APK

In order to install the downloaded apk , what you need to do is to allow android to install from unknown sources. For security reasons, androind doesn’t allow installation of apks. Once you have changed it from the “Settings” you are ready to go. Installation is easy, like any other apk. Once installation is finished, you can proceed to set up the server on your PC.

What are the requirements for this procedure?

Here are the few requirements you must need in order to play pc games on android.

  • A good GPU or at least a medium quality GPU will run most of the decent games.
  • A VR headset which is most important. It should be able to hold your phone without causing any discomfort.
  • WiFi AC setup with dual band support in mobile or stick to the preliminary USB connection.
  • A wireless gamepad is highly recommended. If you are not a regular gamer, then it would be difficult to play using keyboard and mouse in VR.

How does Trinus VR work?

Trinus VR apk works through the android phone as a client. This client receives information from the Trinus server set up in the PC. In simpler words, the PC server sends the video feed to android phone via WiFi or USB. The Trinus apk receives the feed and makes necessary changes to make it suitable for VR headset. A lot of games have issues while working on android. But if you are using TrinusVR apk, then you got no worries.

How to set up the PC server for Trinus apk?

The Trinus server is free to download from their site. Once downloaded, as usual double click to run the programme and follow the basic installation steps. After installation is finished, launch the program and connect to the phone via USB or WiFi. While the setup processes are done, you have to launch and make few changes in the Trinus VR app. It shows some basic safety messages regarding usage and comfortability of the VR headset.

How do you use the Trinus VR app?

The first step is to connect the phone to the PC and open Trinus app. As the app is opened, it asks the phone to enable USB tethering. Tethering will complete the connectivity process. Once you have enabled USB tethering, return to the Trinus VR app. In the app, there is a triangular button which you have to press in order to enable the VR apk Client. The App is now ready on your phone and is optimised.

How to optimise the PC server with the apk?

Here the few steps to follow to use the Trinus PC server

  • Launch the program from your PC to find a User Access Control which would as to enable administration permission.
  • Run it as administrator to start Trinus VR server.
  • Change the settings for headset. A list of popular headsets is already there, if your headset is not listed, try all of them manually to find the best fit.
  • Use Image Scale Setting to change the quality of image. A higher setting will give a better and crispier image.
  • Another compression setting allows to change the bit rate of the video feed.
  • There is a capture mode, which will allow users to capture the software required for proper working on it.
  • The last setting is IPD which stands for Inter-Pupillary Distance. Since everyone has different facial structures, so the IPD setting will vary person to person.

After all these settings, you need to click the power logo of the Trinus app and you will see your pc home screen on the VR.

What are the few issues you might encounter while using this Trinus app?

Since it is quite an uncommon method, a few minor glitches can occur. Also, different people use different VR headsets and only a listed few are made suitable to the app. Here are a list of problems you might encounter while using Trinus VR app. trinus vr cracked pc available here.


  • Shaking Mouse Cursor-


This issue occurs when you start using Trinus VR app without proper set up of sensor mode. You will notice that the mouse cursor is shaking. You have to set up the sensor mode to mouse. This problem is due to the fact that the mouse cursor moves in response to android phone movement. If you choose “No Sensors” in the settings, it will fix this issue.

  • Horizontal squeeze of graphics-


Many a times you might feel that whatever you see in your VR headset is horizontally squeezed. This happens because the standard PC has 16:9 aspect ratio and the phone has to adjust two of such screens into one. But if you set your PC screen ratio to 8:9, then your VR image will be perfect. However this will make your PC screen terrible to look at, but that’s not the concern for time being.

Let us take an example of how to understand this. If the screen of your PC has resolution of 1920 x 1080, you need to.divide the first number by 2. So you will get 960. Now change the screen resolution to 960 x 1080 pixels in order to get perfect images in VR.

What are the basic pros of using this software?

Using the Trinus VR apk will certainly have many benefits. You can not only play android games, but also high end pc games on your android device. Also you can use this app to watch movies which is not very common use. However, it is completely safe to use and is plag free.

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