“Top 5” Sites Like Couchtuner 2018

CouchTuner is a famous streaming website for the Tv Shows. It was launched in the year of 2010. here going to share Top Sites Like Couchtuner 2018 these list best and top of couchtuner 2018

It shows up all the recent and updated TV series online. CouchTuner allows everyone to stream the videos without signing up on their website. But due to the bad organization and ad junks, people do not want to go through with this site.

Top Sites Like Couchtuner 2018

are you looking for the sites lie couch tuner 2018 , don’t worry it will be more help for who are searching for the best sites like couch tuner.

  • fm: –

The voluminous collection of movies and TV series has brought a large number of fan following for this site Putlocker.fm. Free Pirated contents in the putlocker have the risk of malware on your devices. sites like couchtuner this best one.

Poe Vendor Recipes

The registration is not needed on this site.  So, the viewers can watch their desirable movies, shows by browsing only. The most watched Tv series, Movies, shows are almost situated in the top of the page.

  • Cucirca: –


    sites like couchtuner

The famous Tv series like The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Robot, Family Guy, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars are streaming hot in this online site Cucirca.

This free website does not require to register or sign up to enjoy the videos or shows. The best thing about this site is, it’s own server does not carry any contents. it is also one of the sites like couchtuner 2018

The poor thing is the site does not show any kind of movies. It shows the text content rather than showing the annoying image contents. It is exactly the similar site of CouchTuner.

  • TubiTv: –


One of the best streaming online sites is Tubi TV. More than 7400 collections of movies, Tv shows from famous sources are streaming in this site. Tubitv is one of the top sites like couchtuner in this year of 2018

This free site is absolutely legal for all the users.All the shows are fixed up with proper categories.The viewers need to sign up to stream their desired videos and shows.

  • The Dare TV: –

sites like couchtuner

The Dare Tv is a good alternative to the CouchTuner. All the movies, Tv shows, Documentaries are arranged as per their genre. so the viewers can find out their favorite shows very easily.

The most recently updated movies and the TV shows are stationed properly. The site allows the requesting for the title wished by the viewers.

  • Project Free TV: –

This is another glaring streaming site with quality service. The site shows a huge collection of Movies, TV shows and videos from their assortment. But, Project Free TV has the main focus on the TV shows as compared to the movie collection. It also shows contents in the form of texts and links , this one also so one of the best sites like couchtuner

Some essential reviews on the streaming online site Couch Tuner : –

  • Speaking from a position of minimal working knowledge of computer/internet stuff. Eventually, it is found that they really do offer free shows. Sometimes you have to try different players, other times you have to click on the ad inside the player ( close the new window and go back to the video window, where you might notice that the TIME is now showing in the video player (at this point, click play ).
  • Sometimes you have to do that 2 times. It plays like a video game.One thing should be added here, never click on any updated or join requests.
  • Yeah! It is a great site. You just make sure to use an adblocking program and never be dumb enough to download anything.
  • The site itself is good, and it seems as though the popup ads come from the sites that the videos stream from, not CouchTuner.
  • Couchtuner.eu seems to be better than couchtuner.me, as the second seems to be a lesser clone of the first, though it does offer a wider selection.
  • Look for the SMALL GREY X to the side of the ad almost hidden behind and shut it down. Now you may have to do this twice because a second ad might come up, but as long as you hit the SMALL GREYX it closes with no problems.
  • Personally, I have been recommending CouchTuner for years to my friends and family and I let them all know you have to X out the ads/updates.
  • The only reason I found this website was because, I was trying to compare CouchTuner to stream tuner, because it offers movies as well as TV shows, so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.

Some features of having a good viewing experience:

  • Never install suggested players.
  • Never download anything, just stream everything.
  • Click “Watch it here” link and use vidlo, vidbul or vidto links, Do not go for anything else.
  • Have a good anti-virus.
  • Setup an adblocker.
  • You can use chrome for streaming.

The drastic disadvantage of this online site CouchTuner: –

  • It works alright as a watching site once you know how to bypass the ads and popups.But, it completely defeats the purpose when you have ads with blaring audio, that can go off at any second! And the mute ads button included on the window? It Doesn’t work! Maybe it is for decoration only!
  • eu shows have the lists that are not widely available. after watching two three videos, ads open repeatedly and the message pops up “Update to Java 13.6” everywhere.
  • If you google this message then you will get to know that it is a well-known virus or malware that will download lots of crap to your computer.
  • Couchtuner.eu comes up with other similar very suspicious links which you should never follow.
  • A very savvy user might find for one show they like, it works ok but gives a bad experience to the users. This leads the users not to try the site anymore. The average users should not go for using the site without very strong malware protection.


If you are having a problem with the opening of the CouchTuner or almost fed up with the disadvantages of the CouchTuner, then these similar sites will definitely help you for enjoying to watch your favorite shows.

Hope we are left with zero confusions regarding the corresponding sites of CouchTuner. how helpful was the article? Please let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment box. Thank you!

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