SEIKI TV’s Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

SEIKI TV 5 Digit Universal Remote Codes List


  • 11864,12964, 13559, 13560, 10178, 13953


SEIKI TV 4 Digit Universal Remote Codes List


  • 5751,4635, 3953, 4794, 4346, 1263


SEIKI TV’s 3 Digit Universal Remote Codes List


  • 520,564, 627, 000, 505, 450, 506, 111


SEIKI TV Universal Remote Codes List


Brand NameCodes
Cox Communications0178
Bell Remotes & Dish Network505, 506, 516, 523, 526, 566, 573, 612, 627, 647, 652, 653, 654, 655, 656, 658, 659, 664, 665, 667, 669, 670, 679, 680, 704, 717, 730, 738
DIRECTV10178, 11687, 10178, 10835, 10056, 10150, 10463, 10156, 11498, 11401, 0178
Comcast11864, 10178
ATT U-verse 1004
Atlas DVR Device URC0178
Time Warner Cable0178
URC2964, 0145
Cablevision customer004


Seiki TV Code For One For All Remote


  • 41315,4635, 3953, 4794, 4132, 4346, 3964, 2964, 3559, 3560, 3382, 0178


GE Universal Remote Codes For Seiki TV


  • 6091,1263, 5751


RCA Universal Remote Codes For Seiki TV


  • 10178,3953, 2964, 3559, 3382, 3560, 0178, 13953, 12964, 13559, 13560, 13382, 13470



                How to Program SEIKI TV Universal Remote with Code Search


  • Turn on the system you want to program. Make positive no different programmable gadgets grow to become on.
  • Press the “Code Search” button on your SEIKI TV far-flung till the faraway indicator is lit, then launch the remote.
  • Press the button for the system you want to program. For example, if you desire to application your DVD player, press the “DVD” button.
  • Press and launch the “Power” button till your gadget turns off. Wait at least two seconds between the presses of the electricity button. You may also want to press the button up to 250 instances earlier than the machine turns off.
  • Press the “Enter” button as soon as the gadget turns off to store the code in your remote.

SEIKI TV familiar far-flung is made from the stables of General Electric. With a SEIKI TV familiar remote, you no longer need to swap between couples of remotes. You can use the far off to application up to 4 devices. The days of switching between a couple of remotes are lengthy gone. To use your SEIKI TV far off to software any leisure device, you want to sync the far-flung to the device.


How to Program SEIKI TV Universal Remote with Auto Code Search


  • Ensure you flip on the machine you desire to sync with your far-off control.
  • Hold your SEIKI TV conventional faraway shut adequate to face the device.
  • Find and maintain down the ‘Code search/Set up’ button on your remote. Hold on the button till the tiny LED turns on/
  • Find the aspect button that fits the system you prefer to program. For instance, to software your Television set, press ‘TV’. For your DVD participant press ‘DVD’.
  • Press and keep the ‘Power button’ and wait for your system to flip off. After a couple of seconds, press the strength button. Continue to press the button till your far-flung finds the right code for your device. But it is less complicated to discover the codes from the listing of codes below.
  • When you get the right code, press the Enter button.

If there is an object obstructing your TV or system you desire to program, you’re established far-flung may additionally no longer feature well. Ensure you cast off all objects and keep your far-flung shut to the system you want to program. Another purpose your prevalent far-off management may additionally fail to work is if you are the usage of the incorrect code. Thankfully, this submit has listed codes for all gadgets for your Brightstar remote. For most devices, we listed extra than one code. If a code doesn’t work, honestly reproduction the subsequent code and attempt again.


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