Royal Challenge Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Royal Challenge Whisky

It is like no cocktail party is complete when there is no alcoholic beverages are served. Not only the cocktail party but also many other parties also. Drinking Alcohol has become a trend these days. Few of them drinks just for social status and few of them drinks due to the stress and the bad past experience. It can be any reason but companies manufacturing these Alcohol beverages are making millions of it.

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royal challenge price in delhi

Royal Challenge Whisky Price & Cost

Types of alcoholic beverages

There are various kinds of alcoholic beverages available in the market which contains alcohol in different quantity. The most common Alcohol beverage that is being liked by most of the people and is served worldwide is Whisky. Whiskey is one of the types of Distilled Alcoholic beverages that are made from the fermented grain mash. For making Whisky various malted which may be malted is used for making the different varieties that include corn, barley, rye, and wheat.  It takes a lot of years to prepare Whisky and is typically aged in the casks of the wooden and is generally made up of the charred oak.

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Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Delhi

Royal Challenge Gold Whiskey 60ml – Rs. 40.00
Royal Challenge Gold Whiskey 90ml – Rs. 55.00
Royal Challenge Gold Whiskey 180ml – Rs. 105.00
Royal Challenge Gold Whiskey 375ml – Rs. 215.00
Royal Challenge Gold Whiskey 750ml – Rs. 420.00
Royal Challenge Gold Whiskey 1000ml-  Rs. 570.00
Royal Challenge Gold Whiskey 2000ml – Rs. 1140.00

Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Karnataka Bangalore Mysore Udupi

Royal Challenge Whisky 180ml – Rs.237.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 375ml – Rs. 490.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 750ml – Rs. 981.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 1000ml – Rs. 1290.00

Royal Challenge Cost in Rajasthan – Jaipur – Kota

Royal Challenge Whisky 180ml –  Rs.126.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 375ml – Rs. 253.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 750ml- Rs. 506.00

Royal Challenge Cost In Pondicherry

Royal Challenge Whisky 180ml – Rs. 120.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 375ml – Rs. 245.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 750ml – Rs. 490.00
Royal Challenge Whisky 1000ml – Rs. 650.00

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Defining the brand

Whiskey is the spirit that is regulated strictly worldwide with many of the classes and the types. They basically differ in the base product used and are also different in the Alcoholic content and the quality.  There are typically two types of Whisky that are produced in most of the grain-growing area

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Malt Whisky– This whiskey is prepared by using the malted barley primarily.

Grain Whisky– It can be primarily made by using any type of grain.

Whiskey contains alcohol in a very high amount as compared to the other beverages. It is manufactured all over the world and is served under the restrictions. For the manufacturing of the Whisky, there is a huge list of companies that produce it and out of which the most famous company is the Royal Challenge.

Branded alcohol from royal challengers

Royal Challenge is one of the biggest Indian Brand of Whisky which is manufactured by the United Spirits Limited which is a Diageo Group Company. Royal Challenge was launched in the year 1980. Royal Challenge is available in many different countries of the world and is served in many different pack sizes. It was the Pemod Richard’s Bestselling brand when it comes to volume. Royal Challenge whiskey is the blend of grain spirits and the Scotch grains that are being imported. It is available in different package size of 1L, 750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml, 90 ml, and 60 ml bottles or as per the regulations of different countries. The Royal Challenge Whisky price is Different for Different quantity. In India, the Royal ChallengeWhisky price is comparatively less as compared to its price in other countries. As per the Record of the year 2011, Royal Challenge sold around 12.3 million cases and sold around 18 million cases in the year. Royal Challenge taste is just like the most other Indian whiskeys. The manufacturer of the Royal Challenge has strictly refused to state the exact percentage of the Scotch whiskey used in the blend.

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