QuickTime For PC Windows 7/8/10 (32/64) Free Download

The Best QuickTime for Windows 10 is made – Make a glance : The Quick frame is a multimedia framework which was developed by Apple Inc. QuickTime For PC and Windows Available. They are capable for setting and managing different formats like video which is in digital format, the sound of various forms, picture, images that are panoramic. The first version quick time is introduced in the Mac OS. After the inventions go on they are currently available for Windows, snow leopard, and many types in the year 2016. DJ Liker App

Download QuickTime For PC Windows 7/8/10 XP Free

The Quicktime Player Free Download is available for the public using the Software developments kits(SDK) as an Apple Developer Connection(ADC) subscription. But using the installation process in the Windows 10 OS has some compatibility problem and if you follow the steps then you can easily install the media player.

Different versions of QuickTime

Some of the previous versions that are being used in windows are

  • V
  • V
  • V 7.7.4
  • V 7.7.3
  • V 7.7.2
  • 6.9

File Name : Quick time Player

File Size : 40 MB

Download Quick time Palyer

After the evolution of this previous version, the recent version of  QuickTime is about to take the best format of using the values in the system. They can be made more helpful because some version is compatibility and while some other versions have some other problems.

How to download and install QuickTime for Windows 10 ?

At first, you have to download the player from the official website of Apple. They available even free and the advanced versions are found by registering on the website. Next follow the steps carefully to install them.

quicktime for pc

Quicktime for Windows 8 XP

  1. WinRAR files have to decompress and have to be unpacked. Inside the file, it has 4 “exe.” file.
  2. If you see the QuickTime.msi application you will regret and it will not run as it fails then exit from running.
  3. The RAR file has the better to install AppleApplicationSupport and AppleApplicationSupport.msi because this key is the only one way to unlock and install them.
  4. After installing the AppleSoftwareUpdate open. They will ask for the update versions after which you will see the QuickTime in the menu list.

Other than this usual way there are many third part site that helps to download the application and run. Even then there may be any malicious code that will even ruin your OS, get Popup menu appear and so it will take more time to rescue your system from these unwanted things. The latest version of Quicktime For PC is v7.7.9 which is better for windows 10.

How to install directly from the Windows 8 website

Another way to install the Quicktime application is from the direct windows website. After that extract the files and process the following steps:

  1. This may seem easy to check for the steps. Make a double click in AppleSoftsUpdate.msi up to installation finishes.
  2. follow the same step to the file Application.msi but do not touch the file QuickTimeInstallerAdmin.exe as there is no need to use the application.
  3. Now right click the QuickTime.msi and choose to troubleshoot compatibility. Now you will see the wizard to make scan QuickTime.msi if there is any malicious code available. This will be as usual for selecting those in windows wizard.
  4. lastly it should appear as “Skip version check” which makes you get the installation perfect. Otherwise, make sure that the workaround is to enable to make QuickTime.msi installer to run.
  5. Now, are you happy! do you make the point from 1 to 4 then it is the best! you’re done. There will be no issues afterward.
  6. Last it should make a test of the program and then run the installation. Click “Next” and finish the installation process.

Issues Occur during Installation

If you have any problem being occurred during the installation then download the transform file and extract as such you extract the other files.  When OS checks for the files it will remove the OS for preventing the Detections. In your windows icon and get the search cmd. Make a right click command prompt icon and run for the administration. Inside the prompt type the following command,

msiexec/ I QuickTime.msi/ in TRANSFORMS =FXI. must ALLUSERS=1 / log


install.log will be created in C:\QT folder along with the lines of “Return Codes 0” If you do not get the basic possible codes and install the older version for QuickTime v7.7.6. Sometimes, when the user finds some complication for installing the QuickTime in windows 10.

Limitations of QuickTime

Though Quicktime For PC has different advantages  there are also some disadvantages which are further overcome in other versions

  1. Unlimited Virtual Storage – Though there are many hardware resources being available yet they should have virtual storage that has to be made unlimited to preserve in the mailbox.
  2. Make an E-marketing Solution and Bulk E-mail – They should find the address book and get them more personalized with the best touch and receive the mail.
  3. Collaboration – Each and every usage of the video, audio format should be made more synchronized and can be made with the format. But it will be more common all in formats.
  4. Utilization – the application takes more time to get the process transformation with more process running in the background and has to be made in a single way. Therefore there will be other spacious for getting the other application

The other disadvantage of using this is that it has the memory being used with the other application which turns into a loop format. This loop format is unnecessary for other application and sucks for more memory.  They check for updates which are not essential for other time but it is not perfect for the QuickTime

Although this disadvantage is small the best one thing that one should see to that it makes more clarity and perfection. Since it is developed by Apple Inc., there are some best features to get on.

Final Words

The overall summary is that one get some problem while installing the process because they need more music format with .mp3, .avi, .flv. They even support image format for .jp, .jpeg  and movie supporter as .mp4, mpweb and so. Make a download and experience the best solution for that. Even then if have any problem follow the above steps and make use of it. Quicktime For PC and MAC Links Available.

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