Best 6 Picasa Alternatives For MAC & Windows

Picasa was really disheartening when Google officially declared that the Picasa would no longer help you to organize your media files. Picasa, a well-recognized photo editor or photo organizer had been shut down by the Google. a few number of apps available for  Picasa alternatives

But we don’t have to worry about it because at the same time Google has provided us an alternative where we can easily organize our photos and videos on a very well known application called Google Photos.

The elimination of Picasa has affected a lot of users where they discovered that Google will not be providing anymoreupdates. Furthermore, the company is advising Picasa users to shift to the other new platforms such as Google photos.

They notified people about the newly invented application where they can easily transfer their data from Picasa to Google photos by just doing the login process.

The new idea of Google photos has inspired us to give a lot more Picasa Alternatives which will help you to manage your photos, videos, and other multimedia files.

Best 6 Picasa Alternatives 2018 For Photo Album and Editor

Picasa has contributed a lot to us by managing our photos, by transforming other files with its editing tool. Now it has become a matter of past that Picasa is not going to serve us anymore. Since technology is changing everyday so is the perspectives of people. People are passionately searching for the best Picasa Alternatives which can help them manage their photos and videos.

The only reason for writing this article is toacknowledge the people’s demand and to make them familiar with the Best Picasa alternatives that have replaced Picasa with more advanced ideas and functioning.

  1. Google Photos

Google photos is one of the most relevant choices to make after the Picasa. Since Picasa has gone out of reach Google photos have made everything quite easy for all the users. If we look at the attributes of Google photos then it is light in weight and very simple to navigate even for the beginners who are passionate about photo-editing.

Picasa Alternatives

It is listed on the top of Picasa alternatives because of its highly skilled and advanced features like you can easily sync your entire Google gallery with the Google that providesUnlimited storage. You google is sufficient to use as it gives you plenty of space and for that, you are required to create another account to access it.

  1. Windows Live Photo Gallery

Another Picasa alternative that comes second on the list is Windows Live Photo Gallery. Microsoft photos provide all the similar features that we had in Picasa. It has a simple navigation tool and has a better user interface that helps users or even the beginners to access all the multimedia data.

Alternatives of picasa 2018

Despite the better user interface and simple navigation, it has one drawback that is it does not have cloud storage but if we exclude this limitation of Windows Photo Gallery it has the most basic and advanced editing features that it offers to the users. You can also upload the photographs directly on the social media platforms and you can also save the photos on Microsoft’s One Drive App.

  1. Flickr – Best Picasa Alternative

Flickr is another photo managing platform which is widely used for image and video hosting which has an ample amount of photo storage space and photo organizing field. You will be amazed to know that the Flickr is one application where you will receive an entire terabyte of storage space for free when you first sign up for a Flickr account.

picasa alternatives for 2018

Following is the official website of Flickr- Flickr not only provides a great amount of space but also it gives you the most advanced editing features which are partnered with Aviary.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is considered as one of the versatile and subtly constructed applications available in the market. It is no doubt that you are wondering that why have we included Dropbox application in the list of Picasa Alternatives but it will be a great injustice if we will not consider Dropbox as an alternative because Dropbox has a feature of managing and organizing your picture gallery.

Best Alternative of picasa

Though Dropbox is not a tool where we can use the photo editing feature but it surely has the option of storage where we can easily store pictures in the cloud which has a great storage space.

  1. Photoscape

Another exemplary Picasa Alternative that is available for you in the market is Photoscape. This Reliable tool has come up with a lot of photo editing tools and advanced features. This Picasa alternative can easily be used in Mac as well as Windows devices. Photoscape has a wide range of features that allow you to do editing of photographs where you can easily enhance or degrade the quality of the photos.

A vastly recognized tool that lets you do all the editing and fixing, you can make collages with this tool, you can easily capture the screen and also split the photos and other stuff. It has an expert level of editing features so if you are looking something for just editing purpose then, Photoscape is the perfect choice to make.

  1. ACDSee

The last but the best Picasa alternative is ACDSee which is one of the oldest tools that has been used by the people and users are still enjoying its exceptional features. If you really want to add different flavors to your photos then this tool will serve you the best.

ACDSee works vehemently for both as a photo editing and photo managing. It has a vast palate that gives you many filters, special effects, eliminating red-eye, using drawing and selection tool, and also if you wish to add borders and text to your images.

Final Words

So what if Picasa does not exist anymore if we really have tools like these which can transform our photo editing experience then you don’t have to look anywhere else. ThesePicasa Alternatives are available for all the platforms like Windows, MacOS and also iOS which will help you manage and organize your photo gallery.

We would love to hear from you about your photo editing and photo storing experience which you can mention in the comments section below.

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