Nmap Apk For Android Latest Version

Knowing More About Nmap Apk and Why is it Still Used ? : Computer and networks have become an essential part of our lives since the last decade. Humans have made immense progress in the scientific field and especially in the development of computers.

If you have knowledge about networking and security scanning, then you must have heard about Nmap. It is popularly known as Network Mapper and has been used by people for network discovery, network inventory, observing and monitoring the service uptime etc. Nmap has been thus a very popular medium for network discovery and maintaining security credentials.

Nmap Apk For Android

The Nmap was first invented and written back in 1997 by a man called Gordon Lyon, who was also known by the pseudonym of Fyodor Vaskovich. His main idea was to identify the potential hosts and services which are present on a computer network and then build an effective map of the same system.

Nmap APK

Nmap Apk helps to rapidly scan huge networks which will have multiple hosts and also to identify a single host. Nmap sends special packets to the host which needs to identify and then analyses the responses it gives back. This method helps to identify potential threats and issues to a computer network. It helps to manage a computer network and also take care of computer security.

Download Nmap App 2018 Latest Version

Nmap App was initially released for the Linux OS only, but with time it was modified and ported to different other OS including the Windows, Solaris, HP-UX and other popular platforms which are used by the people. Nmap can be effectively used in all the mentioned OS.

As the name Nmap APK or Network Mapping suggests, the whole concept of this language has been to identify the right network and hosts available. It helps to understand what are the different benefits the hosts are offering like the kind of service they are providing, the operating system they are running on, the kind of firewall they have been using etc. can be easily carried out by using Nmap Apk.

Features of Nmap Apk or Network Mapping

As you can understand that Nmap has different features that have been helping us in several ways. Let us have a look at the important features which Nmap possess and how they are helpful.

  • The first benefit which everyone receives while using Nmap is the fantastic feature of Network Mapping. Not to be confused with Network Discovery, Network mapping helps to connect network hosts with one another and function accordingly to the needs. It discovers the available devices on a particular network.
  • Discovering the potential hosts have been the major benefit that Normal have been helping the users with. Nmap has special packets which are sent to the hosts and the response which is captured helps to identify the right host. Determining the right host helps to develop a much better network map.
  • Every network and server runs on a possible version. It is essential to identify the correct version because only then one can detect the application name, number and type.
  • Nmap APK helps to identify the OS version and type which in turn helps immensely to identify different hardware and software characteristics of the potential hosts.
  • Nmap has its scripting engine which is known by the name of Nmap Scripting Engine. This scripting engineer helps to identify different vulnerabilities and other potential threats that might harm a network or the hosts present in it.

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So these are the most potential benefits of using Nmap or Network Mapping. There are several other uses of Nmap, and they are popularly used by individuals all over the globe for various purposes which are helpful in different professional fields. The single scripting engine was a significant turning point in the history of Nmap which allowed the users to achieve a lot more potential features than the ones which were there previously.

Why We Should Use Nmap App in 2018?

You might be wondering, what are the reasons which has kept Nmap so much popular even in 2018 since its Inception in 1997. So here are the reasons which are the answer to the question “Why we should use Nmap in 2018?”. Let us have a look.

  • Nmap is absolutely flexible because it does not rely on any one particular technique but can be used with different network mappings. It supports IB filter, Firewalls, Routers etc. More over it can also detect OS versions, do ping sweeps and much more.
  • Nmap is powerful and can scan and identity multiple hosts along with all the necessary information and details, present on the network.
  • Nmap is absolutely portable and compatible with almost all the popular operating systems in the world including Windows and Mac OS.
  • Nmap was developed as an open source file which is still free for everyone who wants to access it’s features and use them for different benefits of network mapping. Therefore, everyone can use Nmap and make their networks even more secure.
  • Nmap has a good community under it’s name. Even though it does not have any particular customer support like other companies have, Nmap has several community members who are expert in the field of network marketing or different computing sectors who try to help each other out when problem arises.
  • Nmap has been very much popular among the global people who have used the application for various uses. Nmap has therefore never been out of trend which would have otherwise taken away it’s popularity.

So here are the top reasons why people all over the world still use Nmap as a useful and accessible medium to check and support their network and hosts. Nmap will continue to function effectively in the networking sector because it has features and benefits which no other medium has ever been able to provide the users with Nmap Apk is a versatile and flexible network mapper which allows the users to maintain a much improved and better network which is free from different vulnerabilities and potential threats.

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