MTK Engineering Mode Apk For Sumsung and Other

The features of “MTK Engineering Mode Apk” steps that are involved to download this particular application.How the features of latest version(2018) of the MTK Engineering Application works?. This app working and better updates than the previous versions. During the course of this article, you will even get to know that which is the best third-party app from where you can download this application for your PC. Also in this article, you will get to learn more about the MTK Engineering Mode Camera, the MTK Engineering Mode Manual as well its tutorial and audio settings as to how they function in the application.

mtk engineering mode apk

As MTK Engineering Mode APK is one of the best applications in its area you will understand more on its mode start APK. Further, in this article, you will understand how to use the MTK Engineering Mode 3G to 4G converter and I am sure that after reading the article you will be able to use the MTK Engineering Mode application in the best and efficient manner without any hindrance.


As well know that MTK Engineering Start Mode is an app which lets you install the Service Mode(Activate Advanced Settings) on an MTK Device or we can even say that it empowers you to activate a series of extra options on your device as Media Tek is the same Company from Taiwan that produces chips for almost all dual-sim devices. So, to discuss and tell you more about the applications latest version launched on (11/03/2018), below listed are the main features of the application and the MTK apps manual and tutorial basic information to let you know more about it:

  1. The latest version of the application is vested with the simple user interface with access to all the information of the phone on tips,
  2. Another important feature of the application is that it provides you with the Wi-Fi Information categorized as Wi-Fi API, Wi-Fi Config, and Wi-Fi Status as to what is the current status which is indeed quite helpful,
  3. One of the cool features of the latest version is that it allows you the option of making changes to the phone settings but be vigilant and you must have prior knowledge as to what changes you are making as you would not like to end up in a situation in which you have changed certain undesired settings,
  4. Usage Statistics feature of the application is one that keeps you updated on all the functions of your application and stats of all your activities as there are many of which you might not be aware at all,
  5. One of the most important features is the Battery Information feature which keeps you updated about the condition of the battery, its temperature, technology, and voltage so that you can know everything about the battery and its working.
  6. Also, you can even enjoy the MTK Engineering Audio feature in which you can change the audio settings according to your preference as the range of the volume is between 145 to 160.


The following are the steps to download the MTk Engineering Application:

  1. Firstly you can go to any of the trusted third party applications to find the link to install the APK file of the MTk Engineering app on your mobile. To help you below is the link of one of the websites for your convenience.
  2. Once the file is downloaded on your phone you can directly install the application in your phone and can change the position on your Android’s SD card or if you want you can use the link to use the app on your pc also,
  3. In the phone the application will ask you permission for:
  • The open source networks,
  • Access the information about networks.

Granting the permission will help you to install the device.

  1. After installing the application you can directly use the application after the verification by the app to check that you are a genuine user after which you can use all the functions of the app listed in the menu option placed on the extreme left of the screen.

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If you have the MTK Engineering app pre-installed in your phone then you can directly use it to convert your phone from 3g to 4g and if not use the above process to download the MTK Engineering Mode. You must have an android with 4.4 KitKat or above android for easy conversion following the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Install the MTK Engineering Mode in your phone through the above process Or directly from the google play store,
  2. The, click on to the Engineering Mode Services searches option in the app and then select the preferred network option,
  3. After which select any of the options from the list(4G LTE/ WCDMA/ GSM) and then save on the MTK app,
  4. After saving now Reboot your device,
  5. After that insert, you 4G sim the first slot of the sim tray and keep the second slot empty for the time being,
  6. Within sometime you will see that the phone is converted into 4Gas the 4G sim will start working like the 4G sim.

So, with the help of MTK Engineering Mode, you can convert 3G to 4G phone with easy to access to your new 4G sim on your 3G phone. Saavn Pro Apk Download

Thus, MTK Engineering Mode is a good application to have on your smartphone if you are keen to know in detail about your android phone. This is most suited for those kinds of people who keep changing the setting and functions of their device and surely Mtk Engineering is an application worth having it installed in your phone.

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