How to Solve “ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED” Error On Google Chrome

Err_Internet_Disconnected is basically an error message that appears while surfing or browsing over the Internet. This type of error does not enable one to connect to a specific website.


In simple terms, it is an error that will not give access to the Internet. So, the foremost thing to make sure is the connectivity check. So, let’s discuss some solutions that will help you in resolving the problem of err_internet_disconnected.

Solutions to Fix Err_Internet_Disconnected

There are several solutions that you can used in resolving such issue. Below given are some methods that you can try and check which ideal method works best for you.

Method 1: Check your Internet Connection

Before starting with anything, the foremost thing you should do is to simply check the status of your internet connection. Might be there can be a reason of incorrect or disconnected internet connection.

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Simply check your internet connection, network device, and router status. Check whether you are connected to the appropriate network that you are trying to. Also, check whether your internet router is configured correctly or not.

So, once you check all these things properly and still you won’t be able to resolve your err_internet_disconnected error then you can proceed with the other solutions.

Method 2: Fix Local Area Network Settings

Another reason behind the Err_Internet_Disconnectederror is some variation in the settings of Local Area Network. So, by modifying such settings you can resolve this error issue.



By pressing Win + X in your keyboard, go to the Control Panel and


choose the option of Control Panel from the list. This is in case of Windows 10. But in other Window versions, you can directly open it from the start menu. Click on the Internet options just inside the control panel option. In case, if you can’t find it you can switch to small icons view.


Now inside the Internet Options window navigate to the connections tab which is located at the top and simply press on the LAN settings. This option will surely work for you, in case if it doesn’t work then you can move to the other solutions.

Method 3: Clearing Browsing Data

This is also an option that can resolve your err_internet_disconnected issue. Caches and cookies can sometimes terminate the connection of your network. So, by just clearing them you might resolve the problem of your internet connectivity. So, follow the below given steps for clearing browsing data:


  • Clear Browsing Data on Firefox

By simply pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Del shortcut key you can easily clear all the browser data on your Firefox browser. This will open a window along with default options. So now just click on the Clear Now button and then restart your browser again in order to browse the web.

  • Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome

So, in order to clear all the data on Google Chrome, you simply need to type chrome: //history just inside the address bar and simply click on the button of Clear browsing data. Now check all the boxes inside the Window appearing and again click on the Clear browsing data button. Restart it and check whether it works best for you or not.

Method 4: Reinstalling Antivirus

This is also one of the factor that can limit the access to the internet. The foremost step that you can do here is to just uninstall the antivirus from Control Panel > Programs and Feature > Uninstall a program.

After it gets uninstalled, check whether you can access the Internet or not. If yes, then your Antivirus Software is the reason for the issue.

Method 5: Delete WLAN Profiles

This is also one of the method by which you can resolve your issue. In order to start just hold the Windows Key and simply Press X and select Command Prompt or you can simply click Start > Type cmd>Right click cmd and select run as administrator.

Type netshwlan show profiles in the command prompt and then type the command “ netshwlan delete profile name= “[PROFILE NAME]” and remove all the wifi profiles.

Method 6: Power Cycle your Router

Generally, the Err_Internet_Disconnected error comes from network connection issues, but you can easily fix this error by power cycling your router.

So for doing that, just turn off your router. Then unplug your power cable and leave it like that for few minutes. After that, again plug the power cable in the router and on it. Check whether you get your network connection back or not.

Method 7: Reinstall your Network Adapter

When you face the issue of err_internet_disconnected then you can also try this method of reinstalling your network adapter. So, for that:

Press Win + R keys and enter “devmgmt. msc”.

Next, look for Network adapter’s category in device manager. Right click on your network adaptor category, you will get different options as you click on that. From the below categories, select the option of uninstall device.

Finally, restart your computer again and the system will check and reinstall your device automatically.

There might also be a case when there are some hardware problems on your router or network adaptor. In that case, you can look for your device manufacturers to find what kind of expert solutions they can give to your this issue.

Method 8: Change the Name and Password of your Wireless Network

In order to fix, err_internet_disconnected error, it’s recommended to change the name as well as the password of your wireless network. In order to do that, just connect to your router > go the wireless section and simply change the necessary data.

You can also try enabling or disabling the wireless connection directly from your router.


Now, let’s conclude with this article. I hope this article err_internet_disconnected will help you a lot in resolving the problems of internet connectivity and by following such methods you can completely get rid of Err_Internet_Disconnected issue.

If you have any query, you can mention your issue in the comment section below and we will revert you back with an appropriate solution for your problem.

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