How to Remove Svchost.exe Error Fast and Easy

Svchost is a Services Host or with deep search about Windows Services Host Process. Sounds pretty complex, right? But what does it mean? Actually it is quite simple: svchost.exe process is used by Windows operating system to host multiple windows services under its name.

Svchost.exe is a process that essential to the Windows operating system. It is a component refers to “service host”. It is accountable for services for different Microsoft Windows operations. To ensure the proper performance and efficiency of your system, you should not terminate the process of eliminate the file from your computer

How to Remove Svchost.exe Error ?

Verify and Configure your Windows Update Service Settings

svchost.exe error

  1. Go to Start > Run
  2. Type “services.msc” in the open box > click OK
  3. Go to Automatic Updates service > double click
  4. Choose the Log On tab > select Local System Account as default
  5. Uncheck “Allow interaction service with desktop system”
  6. Go to Hardware Profile section > Log On tab > enable “Allow service interaction with desktop system”
  7. Go to the General tab > set startup type to Automatic
  8. Go to Service Status Section > click Start
  9. Get followed with the process correctly for the Background Transfer Service with Intelligence.

Fixing Svchost.exe error depends on the intensity of system corruption and exact cause of the problem as well. In fact, diverse reasons are there for which Svchost.exe gets corrupted.

If your tech support vendor has concluded the reason as an application error, you can be rest assured that this only happened due to Window update which has not been done properly.

So, blame yourself! Online tech support professionals always suggest user to perform any critical task under expert supervision especially if they don’t have enough technical knowledge or prior experience.

For example a single instance of svchost.exe could be responsible for all networking windows services while another svchost.exe instance will run all printing services.

CPU utilization and its services

Svchost.exe often uses 100{d8c2b836544c01c6a12f4c94d093979c9af2674f549c101b2f8130b7fa41dd6e} of CPU and it suddenly freezes up with low performance. ┬áHave a quick look at the Task Manager and you’ll see that svchost.exe is the culprit. Of course, there is a change that it’s a virus, but most likely it’s just Windows being a bit uncooperative. Windows service is a hidden windows application which runs in the background and is responsible for certain low level operating system tasks like networking, printing, etc. Sometimes certain server applications like DB servers could be ran as a service too.

If you ever opened Windows Task Manager, you can open it by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc on any Windows machine you may have noticed that it is overpopulated by svchost.exe processes. There could be at least 10 and sometimes up to 20 or 30 instances of this process running on your Windows machine.

So now when we know what svchost.exe is and why it is on your Windows system machine. Get to know problems that happen with all windows process. They include:

  • exe taking 100{d8c2b836544c01c6a12f4c94d093979c9af2674f549c101b2f8130b7fa41dd6e} of CPU
  • some virus running under svchost.exe name
  • exe crashes.

The biggest complexity with svchost.exe problems is that you don’t see which specific service running under svchost.exe name actually caused certain failure. That’s why for all these problems it is very important to know how to find out what services certain svchost.exe is hosting.

First of all, let me explain what does svchost.exe do and why is it there in the first place? Svchost is there to host services and run DLLs. Most programs have their own .exe files and can run on their own. But DLLs can’t launch themselves and need svchost.exe to launch and run them.

To fix svchost high CPU usage, you’ll need to determine what exactly is causing it. Windows Vista and 7 users can do it from the Windows Task Manager, but XP users will need to download a free Microsoft tool called Process Explorer. It’s very small and doesn’t require installation – just run the .exe file. Once it’s running, hover the mouse over each svchost.exe processes and all the necessary information will appear. Now you can start fixing it.

At instance, run an antivirus scan, if it detects with the malware then immediately delete it. If not, try disabling Windows Automatic Update, because quite often it’s the cause of the problem.

Steps for disabling

Open the control panel followed by administrative tools then click twice for the service shotcut then look for the required service, right-click on it, go to Properties and select Disabled from the Startup type box. It can always be re-enabled later. Restart your computer and go to the Microsoft website and download the most recent updates. Install them, restart the service that you have stopped and reboot again. Everything should work fine now.

Clean the Registry

Cleaning the Registry will get your computer rid of corrupt registry entries that might be causing the problem. With the removed svchost malware, if you still struggle hard with the errors, registry gets stored with the leftover bits.

No Needs to Fear Svchost.exe Errors

You might have seen error messages like the above when you start your computer or open applications. It indicates that the scvhost.exe file is missing or corrupt.

How to Fix Svchost.exe Errors?

Now that you have a better understanding of the cause and consequences of svchost.exe and the relating errors must be followed with corrective measures and that helps be take to address the problem.

Tech Support for the Error

However, Svchost.exe error can be fixed. Online computer repair companies provide instructions to fix the error manually. Turning off automatic system updates in the control panel might be enough to cure the problem. You must restart the system to see any significant improvements though.

You can also get system restore tool from remote computer support providers. All you need to do is, just download the application and run the utility. It is no doubt an easier way to fix Svchost.exe just with a few clicks. These software applications not only help you troubleshoot the system errors but also help to detect and resolve other Windows system error on your PC.


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