How to Fix Windows Update Stuck Issues While Updating For Windows 7/8/10

How to fix Windows update when it gets stuck : Generally, when you initiate a Windows update, it is expected to work silently in the background. However, sometimes it may end up giving real troubles that need an immediate solution. The problem can arise in case of Windows 10, 8 and 7 versions.

However, the most probable situation is in case of Windows 7 operating system. Maximum of the time, updates will end up giving errors by showcasing searching for updates error. So you are the few ways to encounter the problem right away.

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Fix Windows Update Stuck Issues For Windows 7/8/10

Windows updates are a highly important. No matter what trouble are you facing, the best is to solve the problem and then reinitiate the update once again.

So let’s get started –

Update troubleshooter in case of Windows 7, 8 and 10

The built-in troubleshooter can get immediately fixed with an update. The best and easiest method is by initiating the below-mentioned actions – you can fix windows update stuck issues through the process

  • Shutdown windows update service immediately
  • Rename the folder and re-initiate the update once again after clearing the cache
  • Restart the update service once again

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The troubleshooter is available for Windows 10, 7 and 8 to run the troubleshooter once again, just choose start – troubleshooting – run the selection

  • Visit control panel and choose amongst the list of trouble shooters in system and security section. Press on fix problem with Windows update to encounter the problem right away.
  • Under the heading of Windows update troubleshooting, click advanced.
  • Under the advanced settings, make sure that you apply repairs automatically and run as administrator. Providing the full administrative privileges, ensure that the files are deleted the downloaded cache.

windows update stuck

Windows update by manual cache deletion

If you still face the problem of Windows update the manual action can help you to resolve the problem to some extent.

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  • Boot your Windows into safe mode and restart your computer once again by simply pressing F8 key.
  • Later on, your computer would display boot Menu option there safe mode option is available. In case of Windows 8 and 10, just hold on swift key and restart the windows.navigate to troubleshoot – advance – option – Windows startup setting – restart – safe mode.

The process is slightly complicated but nothing can be done apart from this to resolve the problem.

In order to add a safe mode to the Windows boot Menu, just stop the windows update and launch a command prompt in Windows 7. Open the start menu – command prompt-start – all programs – accessories – command prompt. Press right click and choose admin prompt – click yes to run administrative privileges.

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During the command prompt, enter the relevant commands and hit enter to stop the windows update service. Move ahead and leave the command prompt window as a does.

Later on, open file explorer Windows and channelize yourself towards software distribution. There is nothing important there. The windows update will recreate it next time when you are done it.

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Once again begin with the windows update service and return to a prompt window by pressing enter. As soon as a service has restarted, you can see the windows update taking place and the problem has been fixed.

I hope Fix Windows Update Stuck Issues While Updating For Windows 7/8/10 will be very help for who don’t know how to fix windows update stuck issue self

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