Eaadhar Card Download With Aadhaar Number @uidai.gov.in

eaadhar Card download : One of the important identity card owned by every citizen in India is Aadhar card. Indian government implements the new and innovative identification system by issuing Aadhar card. as well as you can eaadhar card download by name and date of birth from official uidai.gov.in

Now government tends to enroll its UID for various purposes and areas like gas agencies, SIM cards, when going for interviews, applying for an interview, getting passports, etc. uidai aadhar download by aadhar number will be very easy process if you read this article very well.

Now a days, UIDAI provides Aadhar to every single citizen of India from a small to child to the old people. Irrespective of Gender, Religion, etc. eaadhar card is valid to all the citizens of India.

How to Download Eaadhar Card With UID Aadhaar Number

Aadhar also known as Unique Identification Number (UIDI) is given to every citizen of India for their Individual identity. Nowadays, it is mandatory to use Aadhar card for different purposes like applying for government exam, opening bank accounts, etc. you can know all details about how to uidai download online.  as well as you can download pan card online through official website of pan.


Methods of downloading e-Aadhar card:

We can download e-Aadhar card by few simple steps. There are various methods to download  the e-Aadhar card. Some of them are:

  1. By using Enrollment Number (EID)
  2. By using VID
  3. By using Aadhar Number (UID)

These are the simple methods to download the Aadhar card quickly in online. All these details require some basic details that are necessary to download e-Aadhar. These details include some of the basic informations like Name, OTP, Aadhar number, Enrollment number, etc.

After download e aadhar card you have to enter the aadhar card password if you will not enter correct password you can’t open Aadhar Card PDF Downloaded File. if your aadhar card password not working you have to download eaadhar again from uidai.gov.in

E Aadhar Card Download By Name and Date Of Birth

When a person applies for Aadhar card, UIDAI provides an acknowledgement slip that is mandatory until the person receives the original Aadhar or till he downloads the e-Aadhar. Some of the details like enrollment number, date and time will be present in the acknowledgement slip.


  • In First Stage, to download the e-Aadhar “Go to UIDAI website” and “click on download enrollment number”.
  • Now Enter the details like 14 digit Enrollment number, and 14 digit Date and time stamp on the enrollment slip.
  • Now enter the Full name of the person, pincode and security code which are mandatory to enter into the page.
  • Then in second stage, Click on the option of “Yes, I have OTP”.
  • Now, we have to click on “Get One Time Password”.
  • Now you will receive the OTP in the registered mobile number.
  • After entering the OTP “click on validate and download”.
  • Now e-Aadhar downloads in PDF version and if we open the PDF there will be a dialog box to enter the Password.
  • Now click the first four letters of your name in capitals and with that enter the year of birth.

Finally you will be able to view the e-Aadhar in PDF format. These are the simple methods to download e-Aadhar from UIDAI website.

Uidai Download Online By Aadhaar Card Number

People can download Eaadhar card With Name and Date of Birth from the website of UIDAI. Aadhar card will be sent only through posts, but nowadays we can download it in online.

This is the best and easiest way where we can download the e-Aadhar card without any delay in receiving through posts.  So it will be easy for the people to download the e-Aadhar card quickly. The procedure for downloading e-Aadhar card is as follows:

  • The first and foremost thing to download the e-Aadhar card using name and date of birth is to “Visit the official website of UIDAI”.
  • Now it moves to the official site and there are multiple options to enroll like using Aadhar number, by VID number and by enrollment number.
  • Now click on VID number option and enter the details like 16 digit VID number, Name and date of birth of the person and finally the pincode.
  • Also we have to enter the correct security code and click on “Yes, I have OTP”.
  • Now click on “Request OTP” so that OTP will be sent to the registered mail id.
  • In the next stage there will be an option to “enter the OTP” under “Login using Aadhar”.
  • After receiving and entering the OTP “click on Download Aadhar option”.
  • Now the completion of downloading process takes place and we can view the original e-Aadhar card with all the details present in it.
  • For open the PDF file where we it requires a password to view the file.
  • To view the original PDF click the password where the password is “first four letters of your name in capital letters and year of your birth”.

VID is the virtual ID where it requires all the basic information like full name of the person an date of birthe of the person to download the Aadhar card. The 16 digit Virtual Identification number (VID) is to protect the privacy details of the person.

It hides the entire details of every citizen enrolled for Aadhar card and the citizens who have the Aadhar card. This highly represents the protection and privacy methods of the government to take care for every individual’s details in a secure way in India.

uidai aadhar download By Aadhar Number Only

This is the final method to download uidai eaadhar with eaadhar uid Number. Aadhar contains about 12 digits where every individual get their own unique UID number.

There are just few simple steps where we have to download the Eaadhar by UID number alone. The procedures are as follows:

  • Firstly, we have to “visit the official website of UIDAI”.
  • Then you can see an option of “Personal Details“, below that there are various categories like “Aadhar, VID and Enrollment number”.
  • Now “click on the Aadhar option”.
  • Then we have to enter the 12 digit Aadhar number and proceed to the next step.
  • Now “enter your full name and pincode”.
  • Then finally enter the security code or the captcha code which displays on the screen.
  • Next there is an option like “Do you have OTP”.
  • Now click on the option “Yes, I have OTP”.
  • Finally you will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number. The registered mobile number is that which you provide while enrolling for Aadhar or filling up the application form.
  • Click on the “Request OTP” option and then you will see the stage of “Login using Aadhar”.
  • Now enter the 6 digit OTP and click on Download Aadhar option.

Now we can download the Aadhar card in PDF format. After downloading we will not be able to view the Aadhar. Whereas it displays a box of asking the password to enter. Now the password to type is “the first four letters of the person’s name written in capital letters and the year of the birth in YYYY format”. if you want to know aadhar card tracker you can get aadhar card download by aadhaar number only 

By these methods we can download eaadhar card using only by name and date of birth details, OTP, Aadhar nuber, enrollment number ,VID number.

Advantages of using e-Aadhar:

There are many benefits of using e-Aadhar which is valid instead of original Aadhar card.

  • Some of the main features are that we can avail subsidies like LPG subsidies to every individual citizen and we can easily avail passport with the help of e-Aadhar.
  • Unlike other documents, this e-Aadhar acts as a identity proof known as the universal identity for every citizen of India.
  • As it contains all the details which has in original card, we can use e-Aadhar for its identity and address.
  • In case of losing the original Aadhar card, we can avail this e-Aadhar where we can replace this until we claim and get the another original proof.
  • Nowadays, it is mandatory to open bank accounts by using Aadhar card.
  • If a person loses his original card, he can avail the e-Aadhar in UIDAI potal without any hassles.
  • We have to avail Aadhar card for bank schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana, Jeevan Pramaan for Pensioners or the Digital Life certificate, Monthly pension schemes for all the retired government officials in all the departments, for Atal Pension yojana.
  • Also there are some other options of linking Aadhar card with Driving License, IRCTC account, Voter ID, Indane Gas, Caste certificate form, Income Tax form, Ration Cards, NPS account, Demat account, etc.

Steps to Retrieve EID/UID:

In case of losing the acknowledgement slip, it is difficult to know the UID/EID number. Sometimes we may forget the place where we have kept the slip. At that times and in case of emergency we have to follow some simple and easy steps to recover EID/UID.

Every critical situation has a solution and for every issue there is an answer. At the time of lost acknowledgement slip, we have to  follow some simple procedures which are as follows:

  • Firstly “visit the official website of UIDAI by entering find lost UID/EID”.
  • Now it redirects to the specific page and lists various questions on it.
  • There will be an option to mention whether we have to retrieve either UID (Aadhar)/EID (Enrollment) number.
  • In the next block it asks various questions which are compulsory to fill. without these details it is not possible to get the EID/UID number.
  • The details are Full name of the person, e-mail ID of the person given during enrollment of application, mobile number given while filling the application and finally the security code.
  • All these details contains “*” mark or symbols which represents that all these fields and details are mandatory.
  • Now “click on OTP” where an OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered while filling the application.
  • As soon as you receive the OTP, you can notice the third block which has an option of “Enter OTP”.
  • Now “Enter the OTP” and click on “verify OTP”.
  • Once the OTP gets verified, the UID/EID number displays on the screen and so we can easily note down the numbers which will be helpful for us to download the e-Aadhar card.

No need to worry in case if we don’t have the acknowledgement copy with us or if we miss the copy. There is no need to get panic and all we have to do is to follow the best above steps only by some of the details which are basic and necessary to get the UID/EID number.

Purpose of using e-Aadhar :

The electronic version of Aadhar card is e-Aadhar. Before getting the original Aadhar card, we can use this e-Aadhar for all the purposes as this is equally valid to the original ID card.

The procedure of downloading e-Aadhar is very simple. Every detail of the person is available in e-Aadhar which easily identifies the concern person.

Some of the information available on e-Aadhar are Aadhar number, Name of the citizen,  Photograph of the person, Gender, Address of the citizen, Date of birth and finally biometric details like thumb impression of the person.

All these details helps to identify and check the person whether all their details match. We can avail lots of benefits like Pension schemes, LPG subsidies, Housing schemes, etc.

Nowadays it is mandatory to use Aadhar card for every work like PAN card, bank accounts, insurance schemes, crop insurances for farmers, in many of the applications like Paytm, during all verification process, provident funds, etc.

The above mentioned are the few simple and easy steps to download the Aadhar card in a fast way. We can download the Aadhar card in any of the steps. In case of missing the acknowledgement slip or missing the enrollment number we can follow some specific steps to retrieve UID or EID number. To make a clear note we can follow all these procedures either download the Aadhar card or retrieve UID or EID number only in the official website of UIDAI.

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