DPC Watchdog Violation Error Fix Windows 10

DPC Watchdog violation Fix :  The blue screen on a Windows PC is probably the most undesired part of any user. Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users particularly face the problem of death error. Generally, the error gets fixed within 5 seconds, but it seems irritating when it repeatedly happens.

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The article is going to discuss about the ways to resolve DPC Watchdog violation error in Windows. So if you have been facing frequent problems of a sudden blue screen, this guide is definitely going to help you up.

Fix Watchdog Violation Error Windows 10

DPC Watchdong Violation

The nightmare error ceases all your operations and the only option left is to restart your machine with the risk of losing all your unsaved data.

In fact, the blue screen error is the most common problems amongst the windows users. However, there are always used to fix the problem with relevant steps.

Blue screen death error always has a book value of 0 x 0 0 000 133. The term DPC stands for a deferred procedure called whereas Watchdog refers to bug checker that occurs because of over usage of a laptop.

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The error code DPC Watchdog violation is quite common in Windows operating system and occurs because of unsupported SSD driver model, SSD firmware and compatibility.

Also, if certain files have been damaged, it is quite possible for the users to see the DPC Watchdog abuse error.

In case you are using SSD on your Windows laptop, the primary thing that you need to be aware is regarding the firmware status. Users generally face the error because of Windows 10 boot.

Following are some of the easiest instructions to resolve the issue –

Probably the easiest way to fix the issue is to upgrade the installed drivers. If you cannot upgrade the existing driver, the best would be to uninstall them or go for automatic driver updater.

The driver may become incompatible with the hardware. In order to fix the hardware issues, remove the concerned hardware and expect the problem to get resolved.

The most common reason for the error includes SSD drive which is often not supported by the Windows operating system. Outdated hardware driver component scan pop up BSoD to surprise you anytime.

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How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation

People have also reported that the blue screen appears while using the headphones. The violation blue screen of death error can occur because of incompatibility of the windows version with the sound card.

Another reason can be an installation of certain software which is not being supported by the system software. This generates damage to the existing files and simultaneous appearance of the blue screen. to resolve the issue check the below-mentioned steps –

Method 1 – instant turns on fast startup

  • Channelize yourself towards start button – control panel – power option
  • Choose the power button on the left-hand side of the pane
  • Pick up the settings that are currently unavailable
  • Untick the option of turn on fast startup
  • Save the changes and exit

Method 2 – check for corrupted hardware

  • Open Run and type CMD
  • Check out the right click option command and select to run as administrator
  • Take the administrator permission by following the C / f/r command
  • Press enters and type y for checking out when to start your computer next time
  • Restart the windows so that the existing problem gets resolved

Method 3 – update chipset driver

  • Open device manager
  • Look for the option IDe ATA/ATAPI controller
  • Standard SATA AHCI controller
  • Make sure you have selected the correct controller so that things go appropriately
  • Check Iastora.sys and ok
  • Visit the properties option in Windows and choose update driver
  • Then choose the driver software from the list of device drivers on my computer
  • Choose standard SATA AHCI controller from the list and press next to execute the process
  • Restart the laptop computer and watch the error getting resolved

Why do I have to face the Watchdog violation error?

The error is generally faced when the driver becomes outdated or if you have not installed the required card driver and the operating system.

The DPC Watchdog violation error can occur anytime even while you are watching a video online.

The incompatible hardware remains no longer supported by the operating system.

Method 4 – update driver

The manual drivers can be updated from the manufacturer’s website by searching the correct driver. In case you do not have those required skills and patience, just uninstall the driver and let things work on their own.

Automatic driver updates automatically recognize the required updates and do the needful without causing any kind of risk and wrong driver installation. You can easily get the pro version of drivers through the driver updater.

  • Just download the driver easy software and run it right away.
  • Press scan now
  • Any updates required will be detected right there. Press update and you will get the free version of the updated driver

Method 5 – checking hardware and software compatibility

An incompatible hardware or software can be the reason behind the blue screen error.

Hence, if you have some external devices club with your laptop such as USB, keyboard, mouse or flash drive, disconnect the mall and restart your laptop/computer once again

The error would probably stop in case there was a hardware incompatibility problem.

You can plug your external devices once again if in case the error occurs in the near future. If you want, you can permanently replace the hardware from your laptop.

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Method 6 – Checking software compatibility

Another method is to check out the compatibility of the software by rechecking the installed application.

In case you are not sure about the changes, just initiate System restore to help you up and watch the blue screen error problem getting resolved.

Lastly, you can take the help of professionals to get the problem permanently resolved. Sometimes, it is not possible to detect the reason behind the error as there can be multiple problems occurring simultaneously.

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