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How To Make Pendrive Bootable USB For Windows 7/8/10

If you are looking for how to make pendrive bootable ? then you have come to the right place. With the advancement in technology, the CD/DVD isgoing off the market and is replaced by an advanced version of hardware storage […]

Virtual Router Plus For Windows 10

Virtual router windows 10 : For your information, a virtual router is considered to be the software system which is actually almost similar to the hardware router. You Can Download Virtual Router Paid Version and as well as you can download […]

How to Solve “ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED” Error On Google Chrome

Err_Internet_Disconnected is basically an error message that appears while surfing or browsing over the Internet. This type of error does not enable one to connect to a specific website. Err_Internet_Disconnected In simple terms, it is an error that will not […]

Facetime For PC Windows App Download

Facetime For PC Windows : With the new Apple product “Facetime App” that makes it possible for the numerous apple users to talk by means of video conferencing. With the pre loaded features of video conferencing app takes along with […]

How to Remove Svchost.exe Error Fast and Easy

Svchost is a Services Host or with deep search about Windows Services Host Process. Sounds pretty complex, right? But what does it mean? Actually it is quite simple: svchost.exe process is used by Windows operating system to host multiple windows […]