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This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine Error Build 7600/7601

Almost everyone using windows would have punched with the bug ‘ This copy of windows is not genuine build 7601’ at some point of time during the usage. It’s very troublesome when faced with such alerts. There are 3 possibilities for […]

How to Fix Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps Error

Get a deeper root knowledge about CPU priority and its application in Windows 10: You can know how to fix set cpu priority to prefer foreground apps errors. In an OS Central Processing Unit (CPU) takes the major part in ordering […]

DirectX 12 Download – Update (or) Install DirectX For Windows 10

DirectX is actually a by default program in your Windows operating system which you don’t need to install externally as a system program. You Can Get DirectX  12 Download From Official links of website. It is a very important part […]

For Honor Tier List 2019 {Latest Updated}

In gaming, a tier list is a record of the ranks assigned to all or any characters during a game supported the strength of their fighting talents, further as their potential to win matches underneath tournament conditions, assumptive players are […]

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Download – Create Installation Media

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool : Media creation tool is an official Microsoft tool which enables you to install Windows 10 on your computer system in a very simple and direct manner. Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is most need when we […]