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This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine Error Build 7600/7601

Almost everyone using windows would have punched with the bug ‘ This copy of windows is not genuine build 7601’ at some point of time during the usage. It’s very troublesome when faced with such alerts. There are 3 possibilities for […]

How to Fix Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps Error

Get a deeper root knowledge about CPU priority and its application in Windows 10: You can know how to fix set cpu priority to prefer foreground apps errors. In an OS Central Processing Unit (CPU) takes the major part in ordering […] Login Page , User Name ,Password, Wireless Settings : For logging into the router, we know username and password are mainly important. But, the one most important thing we cannot avoid is the IP address. IP addresses are not similar for different devices. These are completely several […]

Whatsapp UPI Payments Guides – How to Make payment

WhatsApp UPI payments guides  : WhatsApp has been considering its better role to payment service with these WhatsApp UPI payments guides that let you send digital payments to anyone and friends like to send you that would let you send a […]

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Download – Create Installation Media

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool : Media creation tool is an official Microsoft tool which enables you to install Windows 10 on your computer system in a very simple and direct manner. Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is most need when we […]