Best Ad Blocker For Android “2018” – How to Block Ads on Android Chrome UC Firefox

Downloading the best ad blocker for Android : Advertising is definitely a good way to earn money. However, sometimes excessive advertisement can lower the quality of entertainment for general public.

In fact, the ad popping on web pages make it difficult to view the main content. Not only this, it ends up extracting maximum of the phone battery and internet data for no reason.

So the best is to go for valid Ad blockers that can instantly resolve the issues.

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Best Ad Blocker For Android 2018

So let’s begin with the list

Adblock Plus – The best ad blocker can save you against irritating adds to a certain limit. The application comes with step by step installation process that can be completed within a minute.

Once the configuration process is executed, you are free from annoying advertisements that extract your patience and time.

ad block plus app download

Block this – As impressive as the name, the ad blocker set you free from malicious and unwanted advertisements along with improvising the overall Android performance.

Its speeds up the loading time and lowest the overall data consumption. However, you need to activate the ad blocker while Surfing the internet to make things work. The ad blocker comprises of all the required features that can protect you once and for all.

block this app download apk

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Ad vanish Lite – The ad blocker is not available on Play Store. However, it perfectly works on both rooted and unrooted Android sets. The ad pop ups in games and application can get quickly evacuated with the help of the tiny application.

You need to download the apk version from the internet. However you don’t need to worry as it is very small in size and just need fractions of second to get available on your phone.

stop ads for android

Adguard content blocker – The partial ad blocker is going to ban only particular varieties of ads in certain browsers. It is not a worthwhile application for completely evacuating advertisement from your smartphone.

However, it can definitely give you a huge relief after it is downloaded. With a rating of 4.0 from Google Play Store, the app already has 1 million downloads and you too can have it with just a simple click.

adguard content blocker apk

Appbrain ad detector – The intelligent ad blocker works entirely differently by sniffing up the spams and encountering them right away.

ad blocker android apk

Ad away – Another awesome application for ad blocking particularly works on Android devices that have been rooted. The redirecting application immediately stops away the banner ads, ad pop ups and video advertisements.

It let you have a better control on your content without requiring any update for a considerable long time.

Brave browser – The trustworthy and dynamic ad blocker gives you an optimised User experience with instant configuration and workability. It not only speeds up your browser but also prevent any malicious attack.

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How to Block Ads on Android Chrome/UC/Firefox

it is simple way to avoid your google chorme ads and other browser ads. you can do easily for remove ads from your android smartphone. just follow process.

  1. First Open Settings On your mobile
  1. there are show an option in settings “Google”


ad blocker for android

  1. Click On Google
  2. There are “Personal info & Privacy” Option

how to stops ads3. Click that option

ad blocker android download

4. After Go to Ads Settings

5. after you will get like below given image

6. you have to enter email or Phone

ad blocker for android


7. Enter Your Password Below Given Image like

ad blocker android

8. Tick Disable button as per given image

ad blocker android

9. adblock browser android free

10. You Will Get Successfully Complete Disable ads in your android phone

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So these apps let you have an escape from routine advertisement that you encounter every now and then. Gone are the times when ad blockers were particularly reserved for desktop and laptops.

However, with consolidation of advertisement industry, Ad accounting methods are also witnessing a hike.

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