BECU Routing Number – Find Your Bank Routing Number Instantly

The Boeing Employee credit union (BECU) was founded in 1935. BECU’s routing number is 325081403. You’ll need the amount if you propose on transferring money between banks or if you’d like your employer to pay you thru direct deposit. Here’s more on why you ought to know your BECU routing number.

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What Is a BECU Routing Number?

A BECU routing number may be a nine-digit code that identifies your bank. The code is used for sending and receiving money between banks. Besides being called a routing number, it’s also called the ABA (American Bankers Association) number (when used with paper checks) and an ACH (Automated Clearing House) routing number (when wont to make electronic transfers and withdrawals). No two financial institutions share an equivalent number.


You’ll need the BECU routing number for:

  • ACH or electronic funds transfers (EFTs);
  • Check reorders;
  • Direct deposits;
  • Wire transfers.

When you wire funds to and from banks, you’ll need two important numbers — a checking account number and a routing number. The routing number directs the funds to the bank the ABA number belongs to. The checking account number then directs the funds into the precise account at the bank. Wire transfers may take between two and 7 business days to reach their destination, counting on if the transfer was domestic or international.

Where are you able to find Your BECU Routing Number?

If you would like to seek out your BECU number within the future, examine the bottom of 1 of your checks. You’ll find many numbers, including your checking account number, check number, and routing number across the bottom. The BECU routing number is that the first nine digits from the left.

A routing number is merely used for the bank to bank transfers, therefore it can’t be acknowledged using your debit or MasterCard. However, you’ll bookmark this page for simple accessibility in order that you’ll find your routing number whenever you would like it.

Understanding Your BECU Routing Number

Your routing number is essentially the address for the bank, whereas your account number is that the specific address of your account. The routing number allows the banking industry to process your check through the local processing department and send the knowledge to the right bank, which then uses your account number to either debit or credit your account the proper amount of cash.

Each routing number is nine digits long. The primary four digits ask the Federal Reserve System Routing Symbol, subsequent four digits function the institution identifier for the ABA and therefore the last is that the check digit. Both banks and credit unions have nine-digit routing numbers.

When You Will Need Your BECU Routing Number

Your routing number is important for several different situations; including any time you’re fixing an automatic transaction that will affect your account. Usually, these services require a replica of your voided check to form sure the amount is correct. Services that have this requirement can include:

  • Direct deposits
  • Automatic payments
  • Tax refunds and payments
  • Automatic transfers between bank accounts
  • Mortgage payments

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